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Website information

All DesignerMark websites are built with current best practice techniques in web-land! Read below for information on the various services we offer.

Latest technologies

All our websites are created with DIV's in HTML4/5 & CSS3 standards. We use javascript for some intereactive elements, and JQuery for some animated effects. We can use Webfonts (as I have for the titles in this website) and can configure pages to be fully DDA / W3C compliant.

Recent developments and abilities afforded by modern browsers has done away for the need of Flash for most requireements now, but we can still suply Flash development, animation and banners etc if required.

Social media & blogs

We can setup and customise WordPress, Blogger, TypePad or any of the other popular blogging platforms. We can customise your Twitter template, or set up a Business page on Facebook. Also integration of various Social Networking widgets to your website.

Use these tools to drive traffic and a community to your website, and use the feeds from them back in the site via RSS feeds, so users can subscribe to your content however they find you.

Hosting for wesbites and email

We offer two main options, but are also happy to host with your existing provider *.

Shared server:
300Mb, Unlimited email accounts (with autoresponders)
, webmail, stats, PHP5,1 free database, free technical support
Shared server is good for most websites unless you are expecting very large volumes of traffic or have very specific setup requirements due to a complicated website.

Dedicated server:
500Gb, Unlimited email accounts (with autoresponders), webmail, stats, PHP5, unlimited databases, free technical support

A dedicated server is ideal for very large or busy sites, or if you want to stream a lot of video without incurring extra costs.

Other, more specific setups can also be arranged (such as mirrored servers, load sharing, nightly backups, media streaming server, Wordpress installation etc)

We can also enable a number of other features to increase the functionality of the hosting:-

  • Online Anti-Spam filter
  • Online Automated backup

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

All of our websites are built with care taken to ensure the content ranks well for search engine results. This includes using clear code markup, adhering to CSS standards for heading, subheadings and advice on principles to consider when writing your text and page titles.

We can add Google Analytics to your website - a very powerful tool for monitoring usage of the site and advising on how to improve visibility.

Also, more focussed optimisation of pages can be undertaken as a more structured attack using the services of my partner, David Howlett:

Support & maintenance

Your website needs to keep up with your business.

From keeping telephone numbers up-to-date, through adding press releases and maintaining your on-line shop - your website needs to be updated regularly to keep visitors returning.

Ongoing maintenance can be handled in a number of ways - and each level of requirement has a software package ideal for the job, or DesignerMark can undertake changes on your behalf as part of a maintenance contract or as ad-hoc changes when you require them with fast turn-around times.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Take control of your site.

There are a number of packages that we have settled on using, that each fit a different purpose very nicely. From simple widgets,through medium sized static sites, up to to feature-rich online CMS editors, DesignerMark will have the solution for your business.


Take payments securely online, for products, services, bookings and online invoicing.

As always, there is a plethora of choice and options for enabling e-commerce. From simple PayPal buttons, to full-featured e-commerce platforms with order management, customer management, advanced features such as you would find in Amazon and anything in between, DesignerMark can find the right solution for your budget and business needs.

Software training

Training for Applications, or PC / Website / SEO training in general, is charged at £50 per hour. You will probably need between 1 and 3 hours to learn a new application, and this can be undertaken on-site, so that you are confortable using your own machine.

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